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These are questions that fascinate every generation.According to the most accurate figures around — the 2010 British National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles — the average 35 to 44-year-old woman has had five sexual partners, while for men the figure is eight.Preparing to leave the next morning, I already miss the cosmopolitan Kolkata.Then I get a brainwave: Kolkata supposedly has the only Chinatown in India and I vaguely know where it is.Indian Love lets you find and meet people from all over the world.Every person above the age of 18 can seek for any kind of relationship and partner so immediately benefit from our service!

But what's really true about our sexual behaviour — and what's nothing more than myth?

I am aware of the legacy of this club, when I think of all the eminent personalities who have been my predecessors-in-office.

I also have with me an illustratious team of Committee Members who have excelled themselves in their chosen field of profession and giving this opportunity to them to serve the club will ensure that it is in good and safe hands.

I haven’t really breakfasted yet, so why not go Chinese?

Maybe pick up a pair of handmade boots, too, because rumour has it that there are excellent shoemakers in Chinatown. Half an hour later, I get off in Christopher Road, the main street in Tangra.

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