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Stephen Holbrook, Probation Officer 10916 County Road 1 P. Box 126 Chesapeake, OH 45619 (740) 867-8543 While the practical purpose of the Probation Department is to ensure that the offender completes all tasks Ordered by the Court (which may include payment of fine and costs, restitution, community service and counseling), the Probation Department further aims to provide offenders an opportunity to prove to the Court and to themselves that they are capable of living a socially acceptable life as productive and responsible members of society.

| § 29.3 - General provisions for design professions.Heidi Ramirez and the Deputy Probation Officers are Mr. Conditions of probation can include paying restitution, alcohol and mental health assessments, counseling and community service.Defendants are assigned to a probation officer who will supervise the conditions of their probation and provide assistance in complying with those conditions.Toward that end, Rule 5 of the Local Rules of Court sets out the Standard Rules of Probation as enumerated below: Rule 5 - Standard Rules of Probation The probationer is hereby advised that the Court may at any time, revoke probation for cause, modify the conditions of probation, or reduce or extend the period of probation.The probationer is subject to arrest for cause and without a warrant by the probation officer or by law enforcement officers for violation of any of the following rules of probation: * IF YOU DO NOT APPEAR ON THE DATE SCHEDULED BELOW FOR REVIEW HEARING, THE COURT WILL ISSUE A WARRANT FOR YOUR ARREST.

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