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Better LOD Landscape Textures II - Companion to the above mod. Better LOD Landscape Shadows - Works well with the above two mods (supposedly).

Unfortunately, this thing is more than 100MB in size.

Almost everything I have learned in adapting my use of MO, I picked up directly, or indirectly from the veterans by reading everything I could.

Sometimes reading a 40 page post 4 times until I picked up on a key point.

MO then hooks all executables that are properly set up to use the VFS, in essence, making it appear that the mods and programs are actually in the Oblivion Game Folders. You may ask why be concerned about multiple player profiles when only one can be played at a time? It has gained more flexibility over the years I have used it.

This is a significant advantage for resolving mod conflicts as well as creating and troubleshooting your own mods. If you have used MO, then you may already know much of what I will cover.

Today he heads the mod as a lead designer while studying to be a construction draftsman.Oblivion Mod Wiki I like that site more than TESsource and Planet Elderscrolls. Fast Horse - Your horse will run faster the longer you ride it. Cheydinhal Petshop - Adds a petshop offering wolves, bears, and lions. Neo Pendragon's Better Alchemy Shops - Alchemy shops offer a wider variety of alchemical ingredients, with a slight decrease of Deadric ingredients as balance. Some of the better mods from different sources are listed below, as recommended by forum members. Basically, I'm too lazy to make new sections for everything under 'Tweaks - Other.' I'll do that some other time. Here you go: Saddle Bags - Enables horses to carry items. Mercenaries - Adds a wide variety of mercenaries at differing prices.Better Grass Textures - Makes the grass textures have less patterns on them.Better LOD Landscape Textures - Makes the landscape in the distance look better.

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