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Each site covers a wide array of subjects such as bullying, substance abuse and physical health.

There are websites that deal with specific issues such as cancer, obesity, mental health, homelessness and drug use.

There were also a string of positive comments from supporters on the site, with some offering Mr Corbyn their vote, saying he was impressive and had come across well in Monday’s TV election debate.

One said: “I joined up [to Labour] inspired by Jeremy Corbyn that parliamentary politics can make a difference.” Another wrote: “Hi Jeremy, I voted SNP before and at this election I'm voting Labour, thanks to you.

Signs that stress is getting too much and that you should get help: Some people may find it easier to talk to somebody on the phone.

Cut to the chase with @mentions, and get the answer you need. Search for local groups and activities on Suffolk Infolink.To look for activities and services for young people with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND), search Infolink's SEND directory.Jeremy Corbyn has suffered a backlash from users of the Mumsnet website who accused him of dodging tough questions in favour of “fluffy” ones.After the site’s live webchat with the Labour leader finished, one user said he had “just responded to a few arse lick comments” while another branded the event “a piss take”.

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